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Company specialized in the plumbing repair. An emergency call us! 0485 548 580. A plumber at home within the hour on any Brussels, Ixelles, Uccle, Woluwe St. Pierre, Evere. We operate also in the Brabant

Troubleshooting plumbing service

Plumber Brussels

Intervention within the hour. This is the first time you call a plumber? Well, easy! Especially not panic, call us and to guide you by phone until one of our plumbers is on-site to repair.

Plumbing installation

Hydro-therm does not only mean that in emergencies, it also works for you install your dream bathroom or a throne fit for a King. Treat your water so you can enjoy pure water and not only, it can also make your installation from A to Z, waterworks and wastewater evacuation pipes.

Plumbing company brussels

Hydro-therm with ten years of experience in the field da plumbing and your ideal partner for you help make your renovation project of your installation of plumbing, heating with or without finishing. Installation boiler, central heating, it offers such services by appointment and at a time that suits you best?

Plumber Brussels in time

Give us a call? Hydro-therm will be commensurate with your expectations.

Give us a call? Intervention within the hour or at a time that suits you best. Free travel on all of Brussels. The team of hydro-therm plumbers confirmed with years experience, the plumbing has no secrets for them, emergency in Brussels are part of their daily… detection leak water Bruxelles.Tags: Troubleshooting plumber of emergency on any Brussels, Forest, Ixelles, saint gilles, Schaerbeek, Uccle, Woluwe, boitsfort, Waterloo.

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Call us : 0485 548 580

Urgent Brussels plumber

The team of hydro-therm plumbers confirmed with years experience, the plumbing has no secrets for them, emergencies are part of their daily life call us? Intervention for troubleshooting in plumbing on Brussels, Ixelles, Uccle, Schaerbeek and Evere.

Emergency Brussels plumber

Plumber in time emergency on all of Brussels and the Brabant for a quick repair. Supply and installation of waterworks and wastewater evacuation pipes. Filter against impurities, with or without salt softener.

Plumbing services brusssels

Supply and installation: toilet to ask or suspended, sink, washing hand, bathtub, shower. Mixer, mixer, fittings: shutoff valve, safety valve, pressure reducer. Electric boiler under pressure or low pressure. Boiler, gas water heaters.

within the hour, or by appointment

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